Autumn-Winter 2023-2024


OMYPIA is the deconstruction of the word Myopia, a refractive error of the eyeball in which the image of objects in the eye is incorrectly focused, represents the inspiration of NOPIN for AW23.

NOPIN is a Portuguese brand with their own production, values of quality, excellence, truth, authentic design that prevail in our roots.

Preserves the noble, sustainable, quality and produced in Portugual materials.

Organic cottons, silks, recycled polyester, viscose and fabrics with quality certificates and UV protection, are the materials present in the AW23 collection.

OMYPIA is differentiated by fabric transformations and details, knitwear with manual shredding, the thermoset glitter on fabric, the wavy pleat that creates an optical illusion in vision and the shiny stones on silk and denim.